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I'm back! And it is a new month!

But I mean it's only my third day out here... (if you get it, you get it) 

A new month means a fresh start. It is time to reevaluate our goals and make way for new opportunities.


I'm excited to see what March has to bring. Not going to lie it has already started off rough but I won't let that determine my outlook for the rest of the month.

I pray that all of you looking at this post have a blessed March and rest of 2019! I pray that there are new and exciting things to come for you and that you can remain focused on the things that will bring you closer to your dreams. 
Don't worry about what happened in January or what happened in February let's move onto March with a positive mindset. 

Photographed by Lee



Face beat: 

The Old Fourth Ward skate park and Krog street tunnel in Downtown Atlanta are some of the dopest places to do a photoshoot. All that bright colorful art gives you a lot to work with when it comes to beating thy face and of course with the fit, too. 

Photographer: Jayson Crawford


Botanical Garden

This shoot was taken at The State Botanical Garden of Georgia in Athens, GA.

Hat: Target 
Jeans: Thrifted
Shoes: Ross (Steve Madden) 

Again, long time no posting. I miss being consistent with content but this time i'm back for good putting in that werk, honey! 
And, I know i've said this more than once before (I sound like that one f*ckboy that keeps breaking your heart), but this time i'm FO REAL. 
No broken promises here! I'm no f*ckboy. Trust me I know how that feels sis. 

Photographed by: Jamarez 


Ice, Ice Baby...

Im back!!! I haven't posted in a year which is crazy! But, nevertheless I am back and here to stay. 

That dress hanging out of my coat: H&M 

Coat: Garage
Jeans: Delias
Necklace: Forever 21
Fur Headband: Dillards 

Photographer: Lee Chinyama 

Columbus, OH Trip: Outfit #2

This was at the Columbus Jazz & Rib Fest. (yes I threw down on some ribs) 

(and yes they were bomb...and yes I had a frozen cheesecake with strawberries..and that was bomb too)

Jacket: Forever 21 
Dress: H&M 

Hair: Follow Aireona on Instagram, those of you in Iowa. 

Columbus, OH Trip: Outfit #1

In July, my family and I took a trip to my hometown Columbus, Ohio. 

Made a stop at Ohio State University and of course I had to get a record from my favorite shop...DAMN

Swimsuit: Preservation
Skirt: Forever 21 

Sunglasses: Forever 21 

Button up: LOOK At You

While in Columbus I didn't get all of my outfits in 'proper blog photos' but I do have one, let's call this be continued...