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Alter Egos

Happy Juneteenth! I want to take a moment to acknowledge a day that should be a national holiday! 
For those that don't know Juneteenth is a celebration that commemorates the emancipation of slavery on June 19, 1865. 

But, that's not what this blog post is about. I actually wanted to share a little think piece on alter egos. 

By the way I did this photoshoot a while back, I posted a couple of the photos on my IG. 
Not sure why i'm just now posting to the blog but here it is. I love this shoot!

Photographed by: Kenny (Pink Canarie)

If you saw my latest youtube video and blog post from Friday then you know I’ve been really into listening to podcasts lately. I started consistently listening last week and I’ve been addicted. So, I was listening to a podcast and they were talking about creating an alter ego to become the success you desire to be and after listening a while I must say that in hindsight I disagree with that strategy. I got to thinking...what happens when you put on a persona and get lost in it? 

An alter ego worth mentioning is BeyoncĂ© as Sasha fierce right, this is understood as an artist and performer, I think a lot of people who’ve performed can say that they’ve felt different when on stage, more powerful and confident like you gain superpowers. But we see she never stops being BeyoncĂ© even when she channels Sasha, she just becomes an even more fiercer, sexier and sensual version of herself while performing. Which that is the point of an alter ego, right. The definition of alter ego: a persons secondary or alternative personality. I understand having an alter ego and I can see how
someone could use it to give them the courage to achieve their big goals. But, why can’t the realyou do it? Why can’t the YOU with the name you go by, the name that was given to you at birth be who is courageous, brave, and confident enough to live out your purpose. why does it have to be an “alternative personality” or essentially a person you create that you wish you were or could be.  

Another alter ego to mention is Lady Gaga, who is actually what sparked this thought when she was mentioned in the podcast. I feel like a lot of people don’t know Lady Gaga’s real name, we just call her by her stage name or which she made to be her alter ego. We see less costume of what we’ve known Lady Gaga to be and more of Stefani now especially since her role in Star is Born. It just got me thinking I wonder if she ever felt lost in being Lady Gaga if she had a hard time distinguishing between her over the top costumes and the woman we see now with no costume. I actually read somewhere that she actually covered herself up in costume to hide herself because she was insecure of her looks. So, stay with me here...if you can create an alternative personality for yourself to go after your dreams can’t that just be you? Like, the actual you. See, what can happen is you can create this alter ego or a character out of fear and insecurity and eventually get lost in it and wonder who you are in the midst of being someone else

In another episode of this same podcast (btw it’s called the influencer podcast by Julie Solomon it’s really great you should take a listen!) a different guest said “if I spend a lifetime pretending to be someone that I’m not at what point do I lose who I am?” And that pretty much sums it up.Hope this helps you to be your most authentic self. But, of course if you want to have an alter ego thats definitely cool (if you ask my friends, they’ll say I have one named Chanel lol) but only if you aren’t hiding behind it in fear of showing people the you you. Love and value self first, you don’t want to get lost in trying to love two people. Instead of creating someone else to be, be you and who you are can be courageous, brave, and confident if you choose without giving yourself another identity. I actually just listened to the Garyvee podcast and he said “ biggest fear in this room is that you're trying to be somebody because you want to be them verses you figure yourself out and put yourself in that position to be that person", WOW.

I love you, mean it. 


This is what happened when I deleted social media for 10 days

So, this is what happened when I deleted my social media apps...

Disclaimer: this is not to brag or anything like that, I just want to give context. The reason I deleted my social media apps is because I watched Sarah Jakes Roberts sermon "Afraid of the Dark" and at the end, her and Toure Roberts said that they were going on a 10 day fast for Pentecost Sunday. Basically, what Pentecost Sunday is a celebration of the Holy Spirit. I highly recommend watching this sermon! They said in order to do the fast you absolutely had to delete the social media apps from your phone and so thats what I did. And i'm so glad that I did!

Surprisingly, I didn't feel a longing to download them back. I didn't feel affected in any negative way without them, I was undistracted. I didn't have the worries and stresses of the people bondage that comes along with being addicted to your Instagram. Neither did I carry around the weight of everyone else's problems and inner most personal thoughts. It was honestly like removing a dark cloud from above my head. Let's be real, social media can be super toxic! Yes, there are benefits of course, or I would actually delete my accounts. But, when you spend hours a day scrolling on twitter, Facebook, and Instagram like we all are guilty of there can be some damaging effects. Besides the scientific facts, just think about the behavior of your followers or maybe even yourself. I know i'm guilty of having no filter and reposting whatever I felt like reposting or saying whatever was on my mind that shouldn't have been said. Now, I don't do that anymore i've matured from that but I understand feeling like you have no one to vent to so instead of talking to God or even a close friend you post it to your stories or your twitter feed. Why? because you feel like God won't talk back so what's the use and you feel like your friends won't care or understand what you're going through. You want instant gratification. But, i'm here to tell you that God is the best form of therapy! He hears you, He knows you, and He will answer you. Stop running to your social media and start running to God! Social media will not help you instead it may just be hurting you even more. If your trying to walk in new life with Christ and better yourself but there's all kinds of distracting things in your face, if you aren't disciplined yet it'll throw you off and you'll be right back to the things you've been trying to go away from. Open your Bible and get to reading the Word. (If you don't have the Bible app on your phone I highly recommend downloading it). I promise, the Bible has instruction and answers for any and every problem under the sun. If you're like "well I don't comprehend what the Bible says", there are tonssss of translations. I recommend NLT or NIV and the Message Bible is cool too but I read that only sometimes and after reading the NLT and NIV translation. 

Back to the 10 day social media fast journey: instead of waking up and going straight to Instagram to look at nothing, I read my Bible and spent time with God. I listened to podcasts like The Influencer podcast and the Goal Digger podcast which has been helping me with my mindset and giving me knowledge on being an influencer, blogger and businesswoman. I felt like June was going to be a month for renewal and Sarah Jakes Roberts sermon confirmed that as she  preached about renewing the spirit of your mind. I felt my mind being renewed my 10 days without social media. If you want to hear me talk more in depth about these 10 days, what I did and what God showed me click here!

I hope the video helps you and you enjoy it! If yes, please like, comment and subscribe! More content to come. 



I'm back! And it is a new month!

But I mean it's only my third day out here... (if you get it, you get it) 

A new month means a fresh start. It is time to reevaluate our goals and make way for new opportunities.


I'm excited to see what March has to bring. Not going to lie it has already started off rough but I won't let that determine my outlook for the rest of the month.

I pray that all of you looking at this post have a blessed March and rest of 2019! I pray that there are new and exciting things to come for you and that you can remain focused on the things that will bring you closer to your dreams. 
Don't worry about what happened in January or what happened in February let's move onto March with a positive mindset. 

Photographed by Lee



Face beat: 

The Old Fourth Ward skate park and Krog street tunnel in Downtown Atlanta are some of the dopest places to do a photoshoot. All that bright colorful art gives you a lot to work with when it comes to beating thy face and of course with the fit, too. 

Photographer: Jayson Crawford


Botanical Garden

This shoot was taken at The State Botanical Garden of Georgia in Athens, GA.

Hat: Target 
Jeans: Thrifted
Shoes: Ross (Steve Madden) 

Again, long time no posting. I miss being consistent with content but this time i'm back for good putting in that werk, honey! 
And, I know i've said this more than once before (I sound like that one f*ckboy that keeps breaking your heart), but this time i'm FO REAL. 
No broken promises here! I'm no f*ckboy. Trust me I know how that feels sis. 

Photographed by: Jamarez 


Ice, Ice Baby...

Im back!!! I haven't posted in a year which is crazy! But, nevertheless I am back and here to stay. 

That dress hanging out of my coat: H&M 

Coat: Garage
Jeans: Delias
Necklace: Forever 21
Fur Headband: Dillards 

Photographer: Lee Chinyama 

Columbus, OH Trip: Outfit #2

This was at the Columbus Jazz & Rib Fest. (yes I threw down on some ribs) 

(and yes they were bomb...and yes I had a frozen cheesecake with strawberries..and that was bomb too)

Jacket: Forever 21 
Dress: H&M 

Hair: Follow Aireona on Instagram, those of you in Iowa.